Who we are

Slow is a creative independent team founded by Joan Gallifa and Dani Vergés in Barcelona, 2011.
We help brands create and strengthen relationships with customers, users, employers and society at large.

Our work goes from concepts to execution, exploring the limits of each idea.

Our approach


We always believe in all projects we are involved, so we treat it directly and experiential, becoming a opportunity to learn and a professional challenge.

Human insights are the starting point in all our strategic and creative work, and for us this is the essence of the design. That’s also why we consider technology as a way of serving people, not the other way around.

Business understanding

We understand our work as part of a broader experience. Research, dialogues and interviews allow us to have a huge knowledge and understand our clients at the most.

Our capabilities

  • -Research & insight
  • -Brand identity
  • -Product & service design
  • -Content strategy & creation
  • -Brand communication
  • -Brand & design implementation
  • -Copywriting
  • -Naming
  • -Brand identity
  • -Web design
  • -Social media
  • -Film
  • -Photography
  • -Art direction
  • -Packaging
  • -Editorial design
  • -Ad campaigns

Our workshops

Our workshops are an opportunity to break the routine, think with different perspectives and boost the creative process. This is why we focus on analogic proceedings and try to minimize the computer time.

Our goal is to create a space for exploration and improve the understanding of the individual’s creative process: a space to share through the pieces and conversation what is discovered.

Our role is to initiate and stimulate the conversation: it is not to dictate, direct or judge it.

It is not about the participants doing what they think that they are expected to do, it is about them enjoying the experience. We will find our own voice through experimentation and a different type of work.


The recommended duration of the workshop is 2 days, minimum, to 5 days. Time is important, as it is to let ideas rest, to be able to take care of the process and to stimulate the experimentations, and trial-error type of learning.
Everyone can take part of a Slow workshop: age, jobs and previous experiences in design do not matter.
The recommended room for the workshops is a work room with a big table and a projector.



80+ / Aio Kids / Ara / Armet & Jans / Bacardi / Being Biotiful / Bkc Int / Bloomint / Boot Barn / Bravanariz / Clara Nuts / Dalla Corte / Delta Partners / Dibarcafé / Dirt Road Co. / Filson / Finca La Noguera / Forestia / Foxize School / Gin Eva / Iamwifi / Jeannet Immobilien / John Wayne LLC / Lazynaka Chiang Mai / Lookfar Conservation / Medwinds / Mestres Wäge / Modern Huntsman magazine / Nivalia Zermatt / Ranchlands / Random House Mondadori / Silveroc AG / Sugarboots Ranch…

Amongst others.

Talking & teaching

Festa del Grafisme 2011. Speech “Approach”
ESIC, Master Digital Creativity 2012 “What&why”
Coffee Business Masters 2013. Speech “Branding & experience”
Brighton University 2017 visit. Chat with Claire, Stewart and their design students about Method
CIC-Elisava, Design TalkFest 2017. Workshop “Process”
Seeway, Master Graphic Design&Arts 2017-18. Workshop “Process”
Universitat Ramon Llull-Blanquerna, Master Art Direction 2017-currently. Workshop “Process”
Foxize School, 2018, 2019 (spring, summer). Workshop “Process”
LABASAD, June & November 2018. Masterclass Editorial Design
Festival Inspira, October 2018. “You are my exhibition” experience
LABASAD, Master Challenge Branding; 2020-currently. Concept
LABASAD, Master Creativity; 2021-22. Concept
LABASAD, Master Graphic Design; 2020-currently. Editorial Design
Foxize School, 2019 (spring, summer). Workshop “Process”
FESEsdesign, 2020. Workshop “A wall for action”
Seeway, Master Art Direction&Graphic Projects Management 2017-20. “Master’s Degree Final Project”
LCI Barcelona, Graphic Design 2021-22. “Redaction”
LABASAD Open Class #yoaprendoencasa May 2020 “Creativity”
LCI Barcelona, Graphic Design 2021-22-23. “Final Degree Project”
LABASAD. Directors of Expert Programme “Approach&Process”. 2021-22.
Esdesign, Master Design&Art Direction 2017-currently. “Master’s Degree Final Project”
INSA. Marketing&Advertising. “Advertising management”. 2022-23
& Other workshops in house for companies